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Our primary focus is on providing financing options from both Indian and non-Indian banks

We pride ourselves on our extensive network of relationships with over 70 domestic and foreign bank branches. This network enables us to provide the most competitive quotes for various financial instruments including vendor loans, SBLC and Inland LC discounting. We strive to secure the lowest interest rates and most favorable terms to maximize your profitability and minimize your financial risks.

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What WE Offer

At Fxtrade Consulting, we offer a comprehensive range of innovative solutions in trade finance and foreign exchange trading, tailored to propel your business forward with efficiency and success

Credit & Inland LCBD


With our in-depth understanding of trade finance, we specialize in arranging supplier credit and Inland LCBD financing for our clients across India. Every day, we facilitate numerous transactions and ensure that our clients have access to the funds they need to meet their trade obligations. Our team works tirelessly to ensure smooth and efficient financing so you can focus on your core business.

Customer Satisfaction


Fxtrade Consulting stands out in the industry for its commitment to personalized service. We take the time to understand your unique requirements so we can tailor our solutions to your specific needs. Our dedicated team of experts provides personalized advice throughout the process, ensuring transparency, reliability and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Finance & Foreign Exchange


In addition to our financing services, we also offer comprehensive trade finance and foreign exchange advisory and support services. Our experts are on hand to provide valuable insights, strategic advice and risk management solutions to optimize your financial transactions and help you make informed decisions.

Fxtrade Consulting


At Fxtrade Consulting, we strive to build long-term relationships with our clients based on trust, integrity and mutual success. We aim to be your trusted partner in trade finance and foreign exchange trading, providing innovative solutions to move your business forward.

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