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Inland LC Discounting

FX Trade specialises in trade financing, offering services such as bill discounting under Letters of Credit, logistic support, and bill discounting recognised by corporations and banks. They improve cash flow for exporters by allowing bill discounting under LCs, provide end-to-end logistical coordination, and let corporations and banks transform accepted bills into immediate cash. The comprehensive solutions provided by FX Trade expedite trade procedures, eliminate risks, and promote efficient trading operations.

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Domestic Trade Finance

Domestic trade finance refers to the financial instruments and services that support trade transactions within the borders of a single country. Unlike international trade finance, which involves cross-border transactions, domestic trade finance focuses on facilitating the movement of goods and services between businesses within the same country. The goal of domestic trade finance is to provide funding and risk mitigation solutions to businesses engaged in domestic trade activities.

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Domestic Trade Finance Instruments

Explore our diverse range of domestic trade finance instruments for seamless financial facilitation of your local business transactions

Invoice Financing


This involves the provision of funds to businesses based on their outstanding invoices. Companies can receive immediate cash flow by selling their invoices to a financial institution at a discount.

Purchase Order Financing


Purchase order financing allows businesses to obtain funding to fulfill customer orders. The finance provider pays suppliers directly, enabling the business to fulfill orders without using its working capital.

Trade Credit


Trade credit is a form of short-term financing that suppliers extend to their customers, allowing them to buy goods or services on credit and pay at a later date.



Similar to invoice financing, factoring involves selling accounts receivable to a third party (factor) to receive immediate cash.

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